No A.I. art was used in the creation, conception, or in any other facet of the artistic process of featured works

'YoWorld' 2021-Present, Big Viking Games

Using photo-bashing techniques, elements were sourced and integrated into unique assets

'YoWorld' 2021-Present, Big Viking Games
Original designs created in Photoshop and vectored in Illustrator

'Kim Kardashian Hollywood' 2015-2020, Glu Mobile
Clothing, props, and some background work executed in accordance with an established style guide

'Ghostbusters' 2012-2013, Capcom Mobile
I was responsible for concepting and designing the monsters & busters for launch as well as guiding the overall visual feel of the game in the form of concept sketches, colour suggestions, and a number of other elements including the city map. Some influence was taken from IDW Ghostbusters comics (early Scoleri Bros concept).

'Alien Invasion' 2013, Capcom Mobile
My responsibilities entailed concepting as many space ships and aliens as possible while also designing the final ships to be used in-game, including all weapons, sockets, turrets, and tiers of each vessel

'Loot Quest', 2013, Uken Games

Concept & Final Armor 

'Smurf's Village 2', 2014, Beeline Interactive
Developed U.I. elements following an existing style guide

'Swift Life', 2018, Glu Mobile Inc.
Concept emojis for Taylor Swift game

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